Join the #1 Santa Monica Beach Boot Camp.

Welcome to Big Mike’s Ultimate Beach Workout - Santa Monica, California.
The name of the game is to BLAST body fat and BUILD lean toned muscle at the same time. To get you there, you'll experience 3 specially designed, high-octane beach boot camp workouts per month, these leading-edge workouts for both men and women are uniquely constructed to accelerate lean muscle-building, intensify fat loss and crank-up endurance. This year-round, advanced fitness training program, located on stunning Santa Monica beach, dynamically fuses high-intensity interval training, innovative sand-bag weight training, body-weight exercises, yoga, circuit training, intensive plyometrics and plenty more to accelerate and sestain your hard earned fitness results.

You’ll workout smarter & faster while your energy skyrockets and your body transforms into the lean, toned form you’ve always wanted. Together, with your Nutrition Program,  Client Results Tracker and Quality  Support, you’ll have all the tools you'll need to get to your BEST BODY ever. Join Big Mike's Ultimate Beach Workout today!

Boot Camp Orientation

The First Step into Big Mike's Ultimate Beach Workout - Santa Monica,  begins with his innovative Boot Camp Orientation. This, introductory camp begins with your Fitness Assessment, generating your initial baseline numbers, Nutrition Program discussion, Exercise Form Clinic where you'llearn the 5-Check Points to help you get the most out of every rep, advanced Sandbag Equipment instruction and then you'll be warmed-up and experience your first, world-class Big Mike's Beach Boot Camp Workout!

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Nutrition Program

It's not rocket science. We all know that in order to pull back on body fat, you’ll need to increase activity and reduce chowing down on all those extra calories. UBW will calculate a target number of daily calories, that, along with attending Big Mike's workout 3x per week should help you shed up-to 2 pounds of body fat per week and gain up-to 1 pound of lean muscle mass. There's no “magic” to losing body fat and keeping it off, in fact, takes hard work and consistency—but, the good news is that it’s the only proven way that works.

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Fitness Testing & Tracker

UBW Client Fitness Results Tracker

UBW Client Fitness Results Tracker

Accountability is the key to healthy, sestained fitness results, so, I created WEIGH-DAY, my once-a-month fitness testing workout. This all-round fitness testing day, measures all of your hard-earned progress: Physical Measurements, (weight, bodyfat, muscle, etc) and Maximum Fitness Testing (strength, endurance, stamina, agility and speed)! To track your numbers, you'll receive a Client Results Tracker that inspires and as your progress builds and motivates you keep your results coming!

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