Linda C, Santa Monica

I've been going to Big Mike's boot camp since August 2014.  I started after I had a baby.  The boot camp helped me get rid of the fat from pregnancy (and more), helped me tone up and gain muscle mass.  I was able to finally develop upper body strength, which prior to this boot camp I never had because it had been a problem area for me.  As a result I feel stronger, healthier and happier.  I feel that this boot camp is the true definition of a total body workout.

There's always a good balance of cardio, weights and strengthening.  The workouts are always challenging but enjoyable so that you always feel satisfied at the end and feel ready to start your day.  Mike, the trainer, engages you with the workout so that you constantly want to push yourself harder but still are able to enjoy yourself.   He's also a great guy - he motivates you, keeps the energy going during the workouts, and he genuinely cares about everyone in class.

The beach location is awesome because Santa Monica beach is so wide so you feel that the whole beach is your gym without anyone else around.  The dolphins, whales, and seals sightings are a plus!   I highly recommend Big Mike's ultimate beach workout!